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Meeting the needs for a more sustainable future

Our wellness as a species in the world we live has never been more vulnerable. The timing of this Expo has never been more relevant.

The purpose of My Healthy Green Planet Expo is to create a forum to bring together businesses and innovators that are providing products and services meeting the needs for a more sustainable future. It is our goal to provide an opportunity to come face to face with people who are looking for solutions. This also allows consumers to make educated choices how they can contribute to the health of our planet. This gives exhibitors a platform to reach thousands of people searching for information, education and access to green products and services.

This show allows EVERYONE to lock arms to create a better future.

My Healthy Green Planet Expo has a mandate to bring together the private sector along with Not-For-Profit and governmental agencies in order to create a synergy that will help bring awareness about products, services, innovation and education to the public at large.

We believe that we all need to come together in order to effect positive forward action in understanding and developing solutions for climate change.

We believe that through these steps we can empower individuals to see “The Power Of One” and that each of us can make a difference.  That change we believe will come through the co-operation at all levels of business to lead the way to create new products and services that offer solutions to the climate issues we are currently faced with worldwide.

My Healthy Green Planet allows businesses the opportunity to connect with the community and brainstorm with other entrepreneurs, through the business model we can showcase the latest innovative concepts and solutions.

Some of the key areas are New Green Technologies, Sustainable Fashion, Healthy Eating Solutions, Health & Wellness, Healthy Finances, Healthy Living Spaces, Aging Well & Fair Trade. We as citizens can not solely rely on our governments to solve these issues. It is through business savvy investment, research and development and enterprise that new solutions will evolve. We are on this journey together.

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