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Diana Livshits

Krumpers Blinds
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Diana Livshits is the Founder and President at Krumpers Solar Blinds, a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of smart-tech solar blinds that allow a clear view out your window, while reducing heating and cooling costs by up to 41%.  She has an enduring energy, drive for success and a deep desire to help customers enhance their lifestyle experience while making sure that there is no negative environmental impact.

During the past 8 years of operation, Krumpers Solar Blinds has grown at a rate of over 15 to 20% annually. Krumpers Solar Blinds has garnered the prestigious national Scotiabank “Ecoliving” award in 2015 and the “Innovation of the Year” award from BMO / AirMiles in 2016.

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Reducing heating and cooling costs

02 May 2020
10:30 - 12:00