Amazing people sharing knowledge and creating a sustainable future together.
Healthy Green Planet Presentations

Join us for 2 days of wisdom and education

The Ottawa Healthy Green Planet speakers possess a wide variety of expertise that span all aspects of Green Living.  You can expect to find a diverse selection of sessions ranging from healthy living spaces, active lifestyles, wellness and nutrition, eco sutainability, healthy finances and so much more.

Come join us for a weekend of innovation, evolution and inspiration!

Meet Our Speakers

Diana Livshits - Krumpers Blinds

Diana Livshits

Krumpers Blinds
Phil McNee - Demand Renewables

Phil McNee

Demand Renewables
Stefanie Chan-Wright & Wesley Wright - Ahimsa Eco Solutions

Stefani Chan-Wright

Ahimsa Eco Solutions
Daniel Vivian - Zero Net Emissions

Daniel Vivian

The Building Science Trust Inc.
Aaron Thornell - Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative and CoEnergy Co-operative

Aaron Thornell

Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative